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OSLOB Polarized lenses are designed to be able to fit in frames that originally came with non-polarized lenses.
Yes, oslob-occhiali.com sells a variety of Accessory Lens Kits and Replacement Lens Kits.
Lens replacements are always sold in pairs, a left lens and a right lens, this is done to maintain the superior optics of Oslob lenses.
The frame only is not available for purchase. The lenses are made to be interchangeable with the original frame. If the frame has cracked or is broken due to what seems to be a defect, you can send it in, and once evaluated as a defect, we’ll replace the frame at no charge if covered under warranty, or for a nominal charge if outside the warranty coverage.
If your frame is still within the one-year warranty period, you have a valid receipt for it, and the product is deemed defective by a warranty technician, we can offer a part-for-part exchange (same color) through our warranty department.